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Judo experience in the MESGO Program was held.

On Monday, January 15, the MESGO program held a Judo lecture and experience at the Kodokan.



MESGO is an exciting international master's programme that combines a multidisciplinary approach to learning with an in-depth analysis of the legal, political and economic issues in sport. It addresses the global issues faced by sports organisations today, such as the specificity of sport, competitive balance, commercial rights, the prevention of match-fixing, anti-doping, social dialogue, social responsibility and good governance. Nine sessions of one week each are offered, each in an international location and each providing a unique opportunity to learn from the elite leaders within the sports industry.

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The 7th session of MESGO was held in Tokyo from January 15 to 19, 2024, with the first day's program at the Kodokan. Other venues included the Japan Football Association, Japan Sports Olympic Square, Waseda University, and Rakuten Group Inc. Various presentations and workshops dedicated to the future of sports were held at the Kodokan, including a lecture and hands-on experience in the main dojo.



The Kodokan offers judo experiences, lectures, and museum tours to a wide variety of people from all countries, professions, and fields.


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We look forward to welcoming many visitors from Japan and abroad.

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