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Conducting Research Studies about Judo

Conducting Research Studies about Judo

Kodokan is conducting research studies about Judo.

Association for the Scientific Studies on Judo, Kodokan
There is a laboratory of the Association for the Scientific Studies on Judo. Researchers are proceeding with fundamental or applied research of Judo there. Additionally, they conduct cooperative researches and academic exchanges with outside research groups and foreign researchers. We also hold a research meeting every year and issue a report that shows the results of studies.

The following are the subjects of researches:
- Theoretical and historical study of Judo
- Psychological study of Judo
- Analytical study of Judo techniques
- Physiological study on the physical strength of Judo-players
- Educational study of Judo teaching

Waza Research Division
Waza Research Division is formed in 1954. The following text was written at that time and shows the intent of installation.

'Considering current status of Judo that has been spreading on a global basis, Kodokan, which is the origin of Judo, has responsibility of studying, standardizing, establishing and explaining both Waza and Kata. More than that, these activities are extremely important in aspects of diffusion and development. This is why we are forming this research division.'

On the basis of this vision, we are conducting research activities as ever for all techniques such as Nage-waza and Katame-waza.

Kata Study Committee in Waza Research Division
This committee is a part of Waza Research Division and specialize in the study of Kata.
Recently, more and more people both home and abroad study Kata with enthusiasm, and also Kata World Championships are being held. Against this background, Kodokan is advancing research studies mainly on verification, confirmation and clarification of Riai concept and techniques, aiming at the diffusion of proper Kata.