【Spring Kohaku-shiai】
 Time & Date: start at 9:30 AM, June 5th (Sun)
 Place: main dojo on 7th floor, Kodokan
 Eligibility for participation: Kodokan members
  Men: no rank to 5th Dan
  Women: no rank to 4th Dan
 Entry fee: 1,100 JPY
 (330 JPY for men of 4th Dan and above, women of 3rd Dan and above)
 Entry deadline: 5 PM, May 25th (Wed)

【Practice after March 22】
 Practice will be made in the stage of “3”. (cf. practice stage chart)
- General practice is conducted between 6PM - 8PM on weekdays. 
     (6PM - 7:30 PM on Saturday)
- Condition and contents of practice will be changed depending on the situation.
- Persons who do not want grabbing practice will practice solely.
 For more detail, please check here.

【Monthly Kata class】
- May 21 (Sat) 15:30-17:00
- June 25 (Sat) 15:30-17:00