Dojo will be closed Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd December
due to Judo Grand Slam 2016

[Monthly Kata Class]
Saturday, December 17th, 15:30- @ Main Dojo
[Weekly Kata Class]
On Tuesdays, 17:00-19:00 @ International Dojo
[Monthly Tournament]
Saturday, December 10th, 14:00- @ Main Dojo


30 Nov 2016
Hong Kong Judo Referee Seminar and Coaching Seminar
22 Nov 2016
Kan-Geiko (Mid-Winter Training)
18 Nov 2016
All Japan Judo Kata Championships was held
17 Nov 2016
Presidents of Judo Federations in ASEAN―Japan Visit
11 Nov 2016
The first delegation to Central Asiatic countries sponsored by Japan Foundation was dispatched
09 Nov 2016
What does "Jundo Seisho" (Accordance with the Way Overcomes Winning) mean?
04 Nov 2016
Participants of World Economic Forum-Young Global Leaders Summit experienced Judo at the Kodokan
01 Nov 2016
【Birth Anniversary】 Trying Calligraphy and Dr. SAWA's Math Fun Gym were held
28 Oct 2016
【Birth Anniversary】 Uki-goshi/Harai-goshi/Tsurikomi-goshi Training Day was held
26 Oct 2016
Ceremony for the 80th anniversary of Czech Judo Federation was held
21 Oct 2016
【Birth Anniversary】 Trying Calligraphy (Kano Shihan's words)
20 Oct 2016
【Birth Anniversary】Uki-goshi/Harai-goshi/Tsurikomi-goshi Training Day
19 Oct 2016
【Birth Anniversary】 Parent-and-child Judo Lesson
19 Oct 2016
2016 Autumn Kohaku-shiai was held
12 Oct 2016
Birth Anniversary Kano Jigoro Shihan
14 Sep 2016
The meaning of onore wo tsukushite naru wo matsu ("do your best and await the result")
14 Sep 2016
Kodokan received a visit by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kyrgyz Republic in Japan
06 Sep 2016
Mashu BAKER received a Dan diploma for the special promotion
02 Sep 2016
【Words of Kano Shihan】Conclusion
29 Aug 2016
【Words of Kano Shihan】To Judo Teachers