【DAIGO Toshiro, Kodokan 10th Dan, Memorial Meeting】
Date & Time: November 20 (Sat) 13:00 - 14:30
Place: Kodokan Main Dojo
 ※ Anyone is free to attend and offer flowers.

【Tsukinami Shiai】
November 4 (Thu): for Boys & Girls, and Men ( Shodan and without Dan grades)
November 11 (Thu): for Men (Nidan and higher)

【Monthly Kata class】
 November 6 (Sat) at 15:30

【Practice after October 1】(September 30, 2021)
 Practice will be made in the stage of “2-B” or “3”. (cf. practice stage chart)
 - General practice is conducted between 6PM - 8PM on weekdays. (6PM - 7:30 PM on Saturday)
 - Weekly Kata class will be resumed on Tuesday and Friday.
 - Condition and contents of practice will be changed depending on the situation.
 - Persons who do not want grabbing practice will practice solely.
 For more detail, please check here.

All Japan Judo Contest for High Dan Holders is postponed until November 3 (Wed), 2021
because the COVID-19 state of emergency was extended in Tokyo.

【Updated information on national events】 
 ・All Japan Women Judo Championship will be held at Kodokan on December 25, 2021.
 ・All Japan Judo Championship will be held at Kodokan on December 26, 2021.