[Bulletin on TV program]

On May 27th,NHK-world will air a TV program we were coveraged,
"Woman Judo-Ka"("Woman’s Judo-Ka who inherit the spirits of SEIRYOKU-ZENYO";
NHK world Sport Japan 13:30pm local in japn )

Fot the details please refer to the followings.
Airdate(Tokyo local time):May-27(Fri)13:30-,17:30-,May-28(Sat)1:30-,7:30 
Linked URL:
*Click the "Watch Live in"

[Spring Kohaku-jiai] (Contest between Red team & White team)
Sunday, June 5th, 9:30- @ Main Dojo
Anybody can watch the contest from spectator seating on the 8th floor.

[Monthly Kata Class]
Saturday, June 4th, 15:30- @ Main Dojo
[Weekly Kata Class]
On Tuesdays, 17:00-19:00 @ International Dojo
[Monthly Tournament]
Thursday, May 19th, 17:30- @ Main Dojo (2nd Dan and above / Women)
Thursday, July 7th, 17:30- @ Main Dojo (Black belt / No Dan)


27 May 2016
【Words of Kano Shihan】What Is Seiryoku-Zenyo and Jita-Kyoei?
19 May 2016
【Words of Kano Shihan】What is Seiryoku-Zenyo and Jita-Kyoei?
18 May 2016
【Words of Kano Shihan】What Is Seiryoku-Zenyo and Jita-Kyoei?
17 May 2016
Kodokan Seminar was held
11 May 2016
Takeshi OJITANI and Kanae YAMABE were specially promoted
06 May 2016
All Japan Tournament for Boys and Girls was held
02 May 2016
Bozen-sai at Kano Shihan's grave was held
29 Apr 2016
The Kodokan has created an official Facebook page
28 Apr 2016
All Japan Judo Contest for High Dan Holders was held
26 Apr 2016
Library has updated the list of book collection
26 Apr 2016
Library has updated the list of books newly added in 2015
18 Apr 2016
Mr. Shozo Awazu, Kodokan 9th Dan (Kodokan overseas Japanese instructor) has passed away
15 Apr 2016
【Kodokan Overseas Japanese Instructor】Dr. Kuniko Takeuchi received the Foreign Minister's Commendation
12 Apr 2016
The Kodokan International Judo Seminar 2016 and the Judo Seminar for JICA Volunteers 2016 have ended
15 Mar 2016
【Education Camp/Bhutan】A closing ceremony was held
15 Mar 2016
【Education Camp/Bhutan】Bhutan team experienced Soba-noodle making
14 Mar 2016
【Education Camp/Bhutan】Bhutan team took a course in first-aid procedures
14 Mar 2016
【Education Camp/Bhutan】Bhutan Judo Association President visited Kodokan with his wife; Bhutan team visited Koga-Juku
11 Mar 2016
【Education Camp/Bhutan】A special lesson by Mr. Hiroaki Hiraoka, 5th Dan and Ms. Tomoko Fukumi, Women's 5th Dan; Training with the members of Kodokan Boys and Girls class
10 Mar 2016
【Education Camp/Bhutan】Bhutan team experienced Kyudo (Japanese archery)