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International Activities

International Activities

The following is the main international activities of Kodokan:

Dispatching instructors overseas
We dispatch Judo instructors to various countries and regions all over the world.

Cooperation with overseas instructors
We are cooperating with overseas instructors who teach Judo in various countries and regions of the world and sharing information with them.

Receiving overseas trainees
We receive Judo trainees from all over the world and teach them the techniques and theories of Judo that is a part of Japanese culture.


Conducting the Kodokan International Judo Seminars
We conduct the Kodokan International Judo Seminar for the purpose of diffusing Kodokan Judo all over the world in the proper way, improving the coaching structure of orthodox Kodokan Judo by bringing up highly-skilled coaches who are well enough educated and have established the basis of Judo teaching. To achieve the purpose, we provide the education of both theories and techniques on the basis of orthodox Kodokan Judo, for young coaches who will be the leaders of Judo in each country.

Providing seminars for the candidates for the Judo volunteers of JICA
We conduct seminars for the candidates for JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers) who will be dispatched overseas to teach Judo. To enable them to properly respond to the needs of the country and regions where they will be sent, we give them training to improve their coaching skills.


Kodokan Youth Judo Education Camp
We receive groups of young Judo trainees from overseas and provide them with various programs that are designed to experience Japanese culture as well as practicing Judo.


Supporting project of supplying Judo goods
We gather Judo-gi (uniform) that are provided by volunteers of Japan. Then we donate the Judo-gi to overseas to respond to the requests from Judo federations, overseas instructors or JOCV.