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The Kodokan Tour

Kodokan International Judo Center

The building of the Kodokan International Judo Center was dedicated in 1984 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Kodokan.
It functions as the mecca of international Judo.
The eight floor building is equipped with things necessary for Judo shugyo and research.
Dojo is open to any Judo players.

8F Spectator seating
7F The Main Dojo (420 mats)
6F School Dojo (240 mats), Int'l Dojo (192 mats)
5F Women's Dojo (240 mats), Boys Dojo (114 mats), Special Dojo
4F Education & Instruction Dept., Dojo Reception, Dressing rooms
3F Lodging rooms
2F Museum & Library, Conference Rooms
1F Entrance, Shop, Parking
B1 Cafeteria, Conference Rooms

Kodokan Main Building

5F All Japan Judo Federation
4F All Japan Junior Judo Club Association
3F Kodokan President's Office, Conference Room#1, Conference Room#2
2F Kodokan Grading Dept., Editorial Dept.
All Japan University Judo Federetion
Tokyo Judo Federetion
1F Kodokan General Affairs Dept., International Dept., Accounting Dept.