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Closing ceremony of 2020 mid-winter training

January 17 was the last day of the ten-d...Read more»

2020 Kodokan Kagami Biraki Ceremony

Kodokan Kagami Biraki Ceremony was held ...Read more»

2020 Kan-geiko (Mid-winter training)

Kan-geiko, a traditional mid-winter trai...Read more»

Maruyama awarded special promotion

  Joshiro MARUYAMA, who took the gold m...Read more»

Foreign students at Kodokan appear on language school website

  Kudan Institute of Japanese Language ...Read more»

Events to Celebrate Kano Shihan's Birthday Ended

  To mark Kano Shihan's birthday, many ...Read more»

[Anniversary of Kano Shihan's Birth] Stamp Rally

On the occasion of the anniversary of Ka...Read more»

[Anniversary of Kano Shihan's Birth] Visit Kodokan and get a booklet, "Words of Kano Jigoro Shihan"

Come to Kodokan between October 25 and 2...Read more»

Special promotion granted to SONE Akira and ABE Uta

  SONE Akira, the winner from the women...Read more»

2019 Kodokan Autumn Kohaku-shiai

  Kodokan Autumn Kohaku-shiai (contest b...Read more»

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