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160 Anniversary of KANO Jigoro Shihan's Birth

Kodokan will celebrate the birthday of K...Read more»

2020 Kodokan Shochu-Geiko Closing Ceremony

Saturday, August 29th was the last day o...Read more»

Practice in September

1. Practice policy - Practice in Septemb...Read more»

Kodokan Shochu-Geiko kicked off

Kodokan Shochu-Geiko, mid-summer traini...Read more»

Kodokan Summer Course for Women and Boys and Girls ended

Kodokan Summer Course for women and Boys...Read more»

Kodokan Summer Course II and for the Instrctors of School Curriculam Judo ended

Kodokan Summer Course, a three-day cours...Read more»

Practice after August 11

1.Practice policy  From August 11, we pa...Read more»

Mr. DAIGO Toshiro, tenth dan in Kodokan Judo

Mr. DAIGO Toshiro, tenth dan stopped by ...Read more»

Kodokan Summer Course I ended

Kodokan Summer Course I, a six-day cours...Read more»

Kodokan Summer Course I is being held

  Judo Summer Course is being held at t...Read more»

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