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Events to Celebrate Kano Shihan's Birthday Ended

To mark Kano Shihan's birthday, many eve...Read more»

"Notice" Extension of Opening Hours

During the birth anniversary of Kano Shi...Read more»

【Birth Anniversary】 In commemoration of the 160th birth anniversary of KANO Jigoro Shihan, the unpublished letter of Kano Shihan will be on display for the first time.

  In commemoration of the 160th birth a...Read more»

Practice at Kodokan (updated on October 1st 2020)

1. Practice policy - We have raised prac...Read more»

Anniversary of Kano Shihan's Birth Write his words in calligraphy

   Would you like to try calligraphy? T...Read more»

160 Anniversary of KANO Jigoro Shihan's Birth

Kodokan will celebrate the birthday of K...Read more»

2020 Kodokan Shochu-Geiko Closing Ceremony

Saturday, August 29th was the last day o...Read more»

Practice in September

1. Practice policy - Practice in Septemb...Read more»

Kodokan Shochu-Geiko kicked off

Kodokan Shochu-Geiko, mid-summer traini...Read more»

Kodokan Summer Course for Women and Boys and Girls ended

Kodokan Summer Course for women and Boys...Read more»

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