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Kodokan Summer Course I started

夏期講習会第1部 前半 (7).JPG

Judo Summer Course started at the Kodokan from July 17.

The purpose of Summer Course I "Kata, Lecture and others" is to broaden high-dan holders' education and to improve their quality through lessons mainly in Kata. It will be held until July 22.


Opening Ceremony



lecture, Kappo

こうぎ.JPG かっぽう二.JPG


DSCN9611すくいなげ.JPG かっぽう夏期講習会第1部2023.JPG






Itsutsu no kata

DSCN9741.JPG 五 宇津木 .JPG


DSCN9855.JPG でも五つ.JPG






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