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Names of Judo Techniques



The Kodokan has used official technique names consisting of 67 Nage-waza and 29 Katame-waza in the past.


After giving further consideration, two techniques of Nage-waza, Obi-tori-gaeshi (Te-waza) and Kouchi-maki-komi (Yoko-sutemi-waza), and three Osaekomi techniques of Katame-waza, Ushiro-kesa-gatame, Uki-gatame and Ura-gatame were added to the existing official technique names as of April 1, 2017. One technique, Daki-age (Koshi-waza) was deleted from Nage-waza.


Accordingly, 100 technique names consisting of 68 Nage-waza and 32 Katame-waza are recognized as official technique names.


We announce the official technique names as the following list.


Names of Judo Techniques

Names of Judo Techniques(PDF)

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