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2017 Kodokan Summer Courses



2017 Kodokan Summer Course I "KATA"

Dates: July 14 (Fri) to July 21 (Fri) for 8 days

The following has changed from the last Summer Course I.
- The course is held for 8 days.
- The course is divided into 2 courses (A/B).
 A participant in both A and B will receive a completion certificate for more than 7 days attendance.
 A participant in either A or B will receive an attendance certificate for 4 days attendance.

2017 Information for the Course I "KATA"


2017 Kodokan Summer Course II "WAZA(TECHNIQUE)"

Dates: July 24 (Mon) to July 28 (Fri) for 5 days

2017 Information for the Course II "Waza (TECHNIQUES)"


2017 Kodokan Summer Course Application Form

Application Form 2017

A credit-card (Visa/Master) payment system through Internet has become available from this April.

Please fill in the summer course application and send to the following email address:


We will send back an email linked to the site through SMBC-multi-payment.