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If a trainee from another country wants to get a Kodokan membership: Please fill in an application form at the International Department that is located on the first floor of the main building. Two small photos and membership fee of 8000 JPY are needed.

A membership card will be issued to a member.


Beginners are able to enter the Kodokan Judo School and study Judo from the basics. Basically, they need to continue their practice at least one year.

Trainees who have a certain amount of Judo experience are able to practice at the dojo if they pay daily training fee of 880 JPY or monthly fee of 5500 JPY. If the monthly fee is paid, members are able to practice as many times as they want.


Randori (class for experienced trainees)
Membership fee8000 JPY
Training feeDaily 880 JPY or Monthly 5500 JPY

Membership is not needed if the training fee is paid daily.

Kodokan Judo School
Membership fee8000 JPY
School feeMonthly 5500 JPY

Children from overseas are able to participate in Boys and girls class even if it is a short period. Please ask the International Department.

Mental attitude

The most important thing is to never give up. Trainees need to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, caring their health through diet and daily living.
In addition, trainees should not forget to have consideration for others. The following behaviors will be exhibited naturally if they respect others and have consideration for them:
-Having good manners
-Taking good care of dojo
-Keeping body and Judo-gi clean
-Keeping fingernails and toenails short