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Ippon-Seoi-Nage (hand technique)

Techniques of Ippon-seoi-nage

Ippon-seoi-nage is similar to Morote-seoi-nage. To off-balance Uke, Tori pulls straight forward. As the Tori spins, he slides his right arm up under the Uke's right armpit. He locks Uke's arm against his body, then throw over the shoulder (picture 1).
There are some differences to Morote-seoi-nage in the usage of hands.

picture 1

Techniques of practical applications
(1) Tori uses his right hand to hold Uke's left arm and pushes it under Uke's right armpit creating a crossed arm motion thereby controlling the opponents arms (picture 2).
(2) When Tori picks up Uke in a throwing position, he shifts his right arm to twist inside and places his hand on Uke's hip--then throw. (picture 3)
(3) Tori takes a deep step to the outside of Uke's right leg with his right foot and while sliding Uke's right knee up, throws Uke. (picture 4)
(4) When Tori picks up Uke, Tori drops his body and rolls his opponent in for a throw.

* This technique is similar to Uchi-makikomi but the difference will be explained in the Uchi-makomi section.

picture 2

picture 3

picture 4