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Kodokan Osaka International Judo Center Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q1. At what age can a child start Judo practice?
A. Basically, elementary school age children (6 years and older) are accepted. However, younger children may be accepted if they are able to understand what instructors are saying. We recommend you to visit the Osaka Kodokan with your child to consult with an instructor.

Q2. How frequently are classes held?
A. In usual, they are held five days a week. (Except Wednesday, Sunday and national holidays)

Q3. I cannot attend every day of the class. Will I be accepted?
A. You are able to practice at your own pace. Please register as a member of the Kodokan in this case.

Q4. How much does it cost to practice for a month?
A. It depends on how often you practice. Please see the list of fees. You are able to change type of payment on a monthly basis. Please ask staffs.

Q5. I don't have any Judo-gi. How can I get it?
A. You are able to buy a Judo-gi or an Obi through the reception of Osaka Kodokan. The prices are a little cheaper than normal prices.

Q6. What should I bring for practice?
A. Please bring a Judo-gi, an Obi, a towel, and so on.

Q7. How large is the Dojo? How many people practice?
A. Our Dojo has 182 tatami mats. The Boys and Girls class has about 110 students in total, and about 50 of those come to the class per day. The Adult Division has 50 trainees in total, and about 20 of those come to the class per day.

Q8. I hesitate to go for the first time because I don't know anyone.
A. Trainees are very friendly and will not leave you alone. Please feel free to join us.

Q9. How is the practice?
A. The outline of classes is as follows:
- Boys and Girls class 1 (17:00-18:00)
Four or five instructors from 5th to 9th Dan teach this class.
- Boys and Girls class 2 (18:00-19:30)
Two or three instructors teach this class.
- Adult Division (18:00-19:30)
Two or three instructors from 5th to 9th Dan teach this class. Each trainee has targets and does practice that is designed to attain them.

Q10. What is Boys and Girls class 2?
A. This class is intended for children who cannot come in time for Boys and Girls class 1, or who want to practice more to become stronger. We conduct the class after the class 1, between 18:00-19:30.

Q11. I usually practice at another dojo, or at Judo club in my school. I also want to practice at Osaka Kodokan.
A. Some trainees are practicing at Osaka Kodokan, aiming at further improvement of their skills, as well as practicing at other dojos. However, it would become a problem if they participate in competitions from multiple clubs. (We think that they should let their instructors know about their training at Kodokan)
We think that their original dojo should be respected. As a general rule, they should participate in competitions in the names of dojo where they started their practice. We rarely give them permission of participating competitions from our club, taking care of the issue of registration. The following cases are exceptions:
-A trainee moved in with his/her whole family
-A trainee registered at Osaka Kodokan after he/she talked with previous dojo peacefully
-In case that a trainee is practicing at multiple dojos, he/she should get an agreement of those dojos.

If you are a member of a Judo club of a junior high school, please place priority on the activities of the club.

Q12. Participating competitions
A.Members are participating in competitions in the name of New Japan Judo Club. These days, anyone who wants to participate in official competitions needs to register for All Japan Judo Federation even if they are elementary school students or junior-high students. (Registration both for group and individual is needed) Osaka Kodokan registers participants of competitions as members of New Japan Judo Club (Group Number: 27774) using their birthday as their number and has them participate in competitions. (A back patch of New Japan Judo Club is needed when they participate in competitions)
-Only trainees who wish to participate in a competition apply for it.
-In the competition, members should always strive for Ippon using proper gripping and applying waza from correct posture. A "Winning is everything" attitude should not be taken.

Q13. How can I have an accident insurance?
A. Monthly training fee includes a minimal insurance. However, it would not be sufficient if they get a serious injury. We recommend you to take out a sports accident insurance individually.

Q14. I am a female trainee. Can I join in the Adult Division?
A. Some female trainees are participating in the class although the number is not so many. We would like to create an atmosphere where female trainees feel at home.