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Practice for a short period

Would you like to practice at the Dojo of the Kodokan that is the origin of Judo? Anyone who has a certain amount of Judo experience is able to do Randori at the main Dojo of the Kodokan.
(Required level: Participants should have experience of Randori with black belt)

How to apply:
- No reservation is needed for the participation.
- No membership is needed if you pay the training fee daily. Please pay 880 JPY at the Dojo reception every time you practice.
- If you prefer to pay the training fee monthly, you need to get a membership (8000 JPY) . You are able to practice as many times as you like if you pay the monthly fee of 5500 JPY.
- Please wear a white Judo-gi at the Dojo of the Kodokan. A blue Judo-gi cannot be used. Women should wear a plain white T-shirt inside. Men should not wear anything under jacket.

How to practice at the Dojo:
- You are able to do Randori with anybody.
- If you cannot find a training partner, ask an instructor to practice with you. Instructors have an embroidered mark on the chest.
- Training sessions for particular purposes are held as follows:
Weekly Kata class: Tuesday and Friday, 5 PM- 7 PM
Monthly Kata class: Once a month on Saturday, 3:30 PM- 5 PM
Joint training for top-level male athletes: Wednesday
Joint training for top-level female athletes: Friday

Practice timetable

General practice
Monday through Friday Men: 4 PM- 8 PM
Women: 6 PM- 7:30 PM
Saturday Men: 4 PM- 7:30 PM
Women: 6 PM- 7:30 PM