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Kodokan is looking for photos for the Kodokan "Waza" Calendar 2023.


Please submit your great photos of Nage-waza and Katame-waza.

Selected photos will be published in the Kodokan "Waza" calendar 2023.

We will give the calendar to those who are selected.


【Entry Guidelines】


 ・Photos of competitors performing techniques ( Nage-waza and Katame-waza) at competitions and training.


◯Entry period

 ・Deadline: August 31, 2022


◯How to apply

 ・Please apply the required information at the following URL.



◯About the photos

 ・Please make sure to obtain permission from the subject of the photo.

  If the subject is a minor, a parent or guardian's permission is required.

 ・We will not be responsible for any trouble related to infringement of copyrights or portrait rights of others.

 ・Up to 5 photos per person may be submitted.


◯Photo standard

 ・Please adjust and send us photos of less than 10 MB each.

 ・No monochrome images, and only JPEG data will be accepted.

 ・Please note that even if the photo is excellent, it will not be considered for selection if the image quality is poor.



 ・Entries are open to anyone regardless of age, gender, or nationality.

 ・Minors must obtain the permission of a parent or guardian before submitting an entry.

 ・Applications from minors will be considered as having been submitted with the permission of a parent or guardian.



 ・Applicants whose photos are selected will be notified of the e-mail address they

have registered with. However, the names of the applicants and subjects will not

be published in the calendar.



 ・No notification of receipt of photos will be sent out.

  Please be aware that we will not be able to respond to any inquiries regarding

confirmation of receipt.

 ・Entries via the Internet only..

 ・All expenses involved in the application process shall be borne by the applicant.

 ・Applicants will be considered to have agreed to all the terms and conditions

stated in the application guidelines at the time of application.

 ・The organizer reserves the right to make the final decision on any matter not

specified in the application guidelines. If the entrant does not agree with the

decision of the organizer, the entrant may withdraw the application. All costs

associated with the withdrawal of an application shall be borne by the applicant.

 ・The organizer will not respond to any inquiries, complaints, or appeals regarding

the selection process.

 ・Please note that we will not be able to send you the calendar due to various

circumstances such as international situations or laws and regulations.



 ・The organizer reserves the right to publish and use the submitted works in

calendars, magazines, websites, SNS, etc., and in connection with Kodokan's

activities without compensation.

 ・The organizer will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by the entrant in

connection with the entry.

 ・The organizer will not be responsible for any complaints or claims for damages

or infringement of rights by third parties in connection with the submitted works.

 ・In the event of any dispute between the entrant and the organizer, the Tokyo

District Court shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction for the first instance.


◯Host and contact information

 Kodokan Judo Institute

 (General Affairs Department)

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