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Summer Course II was completed

On Friday, July 29, Summer Course II was completed.




夏期講習会第2部2022開講式.JPG 夏期講習会第2部2022講義.JPG

Opening ceremony              Lecture




Basic movement

夏期講習会第2部2022寝技.JPG 夏期講習会第2部2022寝技2.JPG


夏期講習会第2部2022Bコース.JPG 夏期講習会第2部2022Bコース2.JPG

Special lecturers explain their Techniques

夏期講習会第2部2022市川龍之介1.JPG 夏期講習会第2部市川龍之介3.JPG

Mr. Ryunosuke Ichikawa

夏期講習会第2部2022中村兼三1.JPG 夏期講習会第2部2022中村兼三2.JPG

Mr. Kenzo Nakamura

夏期講習会第2部2022斉藤正剛1.JPG 夏期講習会第2部2022斉藤正剛2.JPG

Mr. Seigo Saito


Special lesson provided by President Uemura

夏期講習会第2部2022館長特別講義.JPG 夏期講習会第2部2022館長特別講義2.JPG


夏期講習会第2部2022授与Aコース.JPG 夏期講習会第2部2022授与Bコース.JPG

In the closing ceremony, representatives received the certificates of perfect attendance from the hands of President Uemura.


Summer Course for Women is being held from Monday, August 8.

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