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We are deeply saddened to announce that DAIGO Toshiro, Kodokan 10th dan, aged 95, who had been undergoing medical treatment, has passed away on October 10, 2021 at a hospital in Tokyo due to aspiration pneumonia.

His funeral service will be held by only his relatives.


<Short biography>

 1926 Born in Chiba Prefecture

 1940 Entered Kodokan

 1941 Kodokan Shodan

 1947 Graduated from Tokyo Higher Normal School

 1947 Teacher at Uji Yamada Commercial Highschool in Mie Prefecture

 1948 Trainee at Kodokan

 1962 Technical Officer and Judo Instructor, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

 1968 Professor at National Police Academy

 1986 Director of the Education and Instruction Department of Kodokan

 2006 Kodokan 10th Dan

 2012 Member of the Board of Trustees


 1951 & 1954 Champion of the All Japan Judo Championship

 1976 Judo Head coach at Montreal Olympic Games

 1984 Judo Head coach at Los Angeles Olympic Games

 1979-1989 Chairman of the All Japan Judo Federation National Team


Words of condolence addressed to intl@kodokan.org


Kodokan Judo Institute

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