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Practice after September 1, 2021

1. Practice policy

- The purpose of practice is to keep and promote physical and mental health of practitioners taking thorough countermeasures to prevent COVID-19.

2. Those who are allowed to participate in practice and requirements

- Those who have been practicing at Kodokan regularly (Visitors will not be accepted during this period).

- Those who agree with our policy and requirements for practice (Minors require parental consent).

- Those who do not have a fever over 37.0℃, nor any respiratory disorders such as cough and phlegm.

- Nobody in their household is infected with Covid-19 or in close contact with Covid-19 patients.

- Those who do not have any symptoms consistent with the check items in the Health Checkup Card

- As a rule, practitioners over 65 years old should have vaccinated against COVID-19 twice. Even under 64 years old, it is recommendable to have vaccinated.

3. Dojo fee and tuition

No charge for practice in September.

4. Timetable and dojos

- Each class will be conducted for one hour, 3 days a week.

- Children are asked to choose ① or ②



5.Sanitary requirements

- Before registering at the reception desk on the 4th floor, fill in the Health Checkup Card.

- Take body temperature with a non-contact thermometer at the reception desk. If a fever over 37.0℃ is detected, take it again with an underarm thermometer.

- Wash your hands, gargle, disinfect your hands at the reception desk and dojo entrance.

6. Practice

In line with the above-mentioned practice policy, the following requirements are set:

- The number of participants is limited (avoiding the 3 C's).

- Wear judogi.

- No grabbing practice but training solely keeping a distance from others.

- Keep a physical distance of 2m.

- Wear a mask (Bring your own mask).

- Windows and doors of dojos and changing rooms are kept open to ensure good ventilation.

- Cool water dispensers are not available. (Bring your own bottled water).

- Change clothes in the designated places and carry your luggage to the designated dojos. (Do not use lockers in the changing rooms).

- Come to Kodokan 15 minutes at earliest before practice starts. Do not stay at Kodokan longer than necessary.

7. Other remarks

- When watching practice on the 8th floor or in a dojo, you are asked to keep a safe distance and refrain from talking.

- The entrance to the reception and changing rooms are kept open.

- Thoroughly disinfect inside the building.

- If you need a place to keep your valuables when you take a shower, do not use a locker in a changing room but a locker in front of the reception desk.

- Bathtub and gym equipment are not available.

- When taking your mask off, take care about the distance between those around, especially take care about droplets in talking.

- When sweating, take care not to touch your face (eyes, nose and mouth).

- Disinfect your hands at the right timing, such as after sneezing, after going to the toilet, or before grabbing practice.

- Contact the Education and Instruction Department immediately when you have become (or are suspected to be) infected with COVID-19.

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