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Sgochu-geiko Mid-Summer Training 2021

1. Period: 10 days from July 1 (Thu) to 10 (Sat), 2021
2. Venue: Kodokan
3. Opening ceremony: 6 pm on July 1
4. Closing ceremony: 6 pm on July 10
5. Hours of training:
  Weekdays: 4pm - 8pm
  Saturday: 4 pm - 7.30 pm
  Sunday: 4pm - 6 pm
  *Training stage and/or hours may be changed depending on the situation.
   Please follow instructors' direction.
6. Eligibility:
 ① Kodokan membership (If you are not a member yet, registration is required.)
 ② No high fever over 37℃℃, cough, phlegm, or respiratory diseases.
 ③ Not falling under any items in the Health Checkup Card,

   which is given on the 4th floor for you to fill in.
 * At the reception counter on the 4th floor,

   you are required to take your body temperature

   and submit the Health Checkup Card.
7. Those who wish to receive "Perfect Attendance Certificate":
 (1) Respond to the roll call held at the following times:
   Monday-Saturday: 6pm or 7pm
   Sunday: 5 pm or 6pm
( 2) Participate for 9 days or more.
8. Special training fee:
 If you do not practice in Kodokan on a regular basis and participate

 only in mid-summer training, 2,200 yen is charged for the training fee.
9. Deadline:June 24, 2021
  Please write to shido@kodokan.org or come to the reception counter during practice.
  *To ensure hygiene measures to prevent infection, application is not accepted after June 24.

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