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Practice after April 1, 2021

1. Practice policy

- Practice will be held in the stage of "3" depending on the situation. (cf. practice stage chart)

- Conditions and contents of practice will be changed depending on the situation.

- Persons who do not want grabbing practice will practice solely.

- Weekly Kata class is resumed on Tuesday and Friday.

- General practice is extended to 8 PM from Monday to on week days.

- Tsukinami Shiai will take place as scheduled.


2. Those who are allowed to participate in practice and requirements

- All judokas wishing to practice at Kodokan

- Those who agree with our policy and requirements for practice (Minors require parental consent).

- Those who do not have a fever over 37℃, nor any respiratory disorders such as cough and phlegm.

- Nobody in their household is infected with Covid-19 or in close contact with Covid-19 patients.

- Those who do not have any symptoms consistent with the check items in the Health Checkup Card


3. Dojo fee and tuition for April

  As per usual.


4. Timetable and dojos

- Children are asked to choose 1 or 2

- Check the dojo of the day at the reception counter.




5.Sanitary requirements

- Before registering at the reception desk on the 4th floor, fill in the Health Checkup Card.

- Take body temperature on the 4th floor with a non-contact thermometer. If a fever over 37.0℃ is detected, take it again with an underarm thermometer.

- Wash your hands, gargle, disinfect your hands at the reception desk and dojo entrance.

- Record the name of partners who you practice with grabbing in the checkup card.


6. Practice

In line with the above-mentioned practice policy, the following requirements are set:

- The number of participants is limited (avoiding the 3 C's).

- Wear judogi.

- Wear a mask (Bring your own mask).

- Windows and doors of dojos and changing rooms are kept open to ensure good ventilation.

- Cool water dispensers are not available. (Bring your own bottled water).

- Change clothes in the designated places and carry your luggage to the designated dojos. (Do not use lockers in the changing rooms).

- Come to Kodokan 15 minutes at earliest before practice starts. Do not stay at Kodokan longer than necessary.

- Boys will change clothes in the children's Dojo on 5th floor.


7. Other remarks

- When watching practice on the 8th floor or in a dojo, you are asked to keep a safe distance and refrain from talking.

- The entrance to the reception and changing rooms are kept open.

- Thoroughly disinfect inside the building.

- Use the disposal paper placed in the toilets.

- If you need a place to keep your valuables when you take a shower, do not use a locker in a changing room but a locker in front of the reception desk.

- Bathrooms are not available.

- The gym is not available.

- When taking your mask off, take care about the distance between those around, especially take care about droplets in talking.

- When sweating, take care not to touch your face (eyes, nose and mouth).

- Disinfect your hands at the right timing, such as after sneezing, after going to the toilet, or before grabbing practice.

- Contact the Education and Instruction Department immediately when you have become (or are suspected to be) infected with COVID-19.

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