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"JAPAN-ASEAN JITA-KYOEI PROJECT" Online Kodokan International Judo Seminar 2020 finished

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This year, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we have decided to change the format of this international seminar from facing type to online, as we have been inviting coaches from different countries to Kodokan. The seminar will target young coaches from the 10 ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos and Brunei) who were invited to Kodokan for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 past seminars, and the purpose is to follow them up.



◯Following up on the past seminars, further improving quality, and training of instructors

◯Further strengthen the network built with the Kodokan.


【Seminar Schedule】

Dec. 7th (Mon.) Orientation

Dec. 8th (Tue.) - Jan. 17th (Sun.) E-learning

Jan. 18th (Mon.) - Jan. 23th (Sat.) Zoom Seminar

Jan. 23th (Sat.) Children's Seminar

Jan. 25th (Mon.) Wrap-up meeting


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The curriculum is as follows,



The participants improved their proficiency by learning Waza and Kata based on the videos.


Nage-no-Kata, Katame-no-Kata, Ju-no-Kata, Kodomo-no-Kata,

Kodokan 100 Waza, Closely Resembled Waza,

All Japan Judo Championship, All Japan Women Judo Championship


【Zoom Seminar】

We conducted the technical classes by using Zoom to connect Japan and ASEAN 10

countries online .


◯Nage-no-Kata ; NANBO Tokuso 6th Dan (Education & Instruction Dept.)

◯Katame-no-Kata ; DOBA Yoshihisa 8th Dan (Education & Instruction Dept.)

◯Ju-no-Kata ; SAMESHIMA Motonari 8th Dan (Director of Education & Instruction Dept.)

◯Kodomo-no-Kata ; AKIYAMA Hinako Woman 4th Dan (Education & Instruction Dept.)

◯Basic Movements ; SHIMOYAMA Harukuni 6th Dan (Education & Instruction Dept.)

◯O-soto-gari, Uchi-mata ; MAKISHI Yoshiharu 7th Dan (Education & Instruction Dept.)

◯Seoi-nage ; NANBO Tokuso 6th Dan


◯Children's Seminar ; MUKAI Mikihiro 7th Dan (Education & Instruction Dept.)

In this class, the children from Kodokan boys & girls class and ASEAN countries learned Judo together by connecting online. In addition, a question-and-answer session was held for the children to interact with each other.


【Wrap-up meeting】

Due to the lockdown in each country and the limited number of participants from dojos, the Kata demonstration and completion ceremony were cancelled and replaced with a wrap-up meeting.


<Feedback from Participants>

◯I hope there will be more online classes like this to keep us updated with new knowledge of Judo and bonding members who love Judo. creating a united Judo - friendship and endurance. Thank you very much to the Kodokan, the president and the teachers


◯Online classes are good during this pandemic. But, face to face teaching, visiting Kodokan in person, is much more beneficial in the long run.


◯I have definitely benefit a lot during Jita-Kyoei Project. This project foster better relationship between Kodokan, Japan and the ASEAN countries. It also enable common interest people (Judokas) to gather and share their experiences and difficulties faced in each of their countries. Sharing of different teaching methods to promote the Fun in Judo, and prolong the practice of Judo, further ignite my passion in Judo. Thank you Kodokan and Asia Center for organising this project and hope that this may continue for the future young coaches who attend.


◯We will continue to refer to Kodokan for our future Judo development and look forward to learning more from online instructional materials! 


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