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2021 Kan-geiko (Mid-winter training)

January 15 was the last day of the ten-day mid-winter training that began on January 6.


Kodokan President UEMURA Haruki

Kan-geiko is held at the coldest time of day in the coldest season, intended to discipline mind and body. It is one of our traditional events that have lasted for over 130 years since the early days of the Kodokan.

Many trainees were working hard on the early-morning training.


Starting at 5:30 am, practitioners worked diligently on the last training.

The ceremony to conclude the event was held at 7 pm.



Roll Call


大道場での稽古風景 2021寒稽古.JPG


学校講道館男子の稽古 6階国際部道場.JPG


女子部の稽古 5階女子部道場.JPG



Closing Ceremony of Kan-geiko


【Schedule cancelled from January 16,2021】
 Regular practice (Randori, Women's, Boys & Girls,
 Futsu-ka and Tokushu-ka, and weekly kata class) is cancelled
 until January 31, 2021, since COVID-19 infection is spreading again.

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