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2020 Kodokan Kohaku-shiai

The Kodokan Kohaku-shiai (contest between the Red & White), which had been postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, was held grandly at the Kodokan on Sunday, December 20.

Participants were asked to cooperate in wearing masks, measuring temperature, disinfecting hands and fingers, submitting a physical condition management check sheet, and recording the other party as an infectious disease prevention.

There were applications for about 150 people. Winning battles were held in the men's section, women's section, boys' section, and adult's section.

White won the men's division and Red won the boys' division. Women's division was changed to the system where players compete over the number of wins.


There is a unique system called "Batsugun-shodan (instant promotion)" In Kodokan Kohaku-shiai to allow contestants, who win a predetermined number of times by Ippon, to get a higher Dan grade on that day. Mr. MIYAZAKI Kazuma and Mr. FUJINAGA Ryutaro were promoted.


宮崎一真氏 初段から弐段へ トリム.jpg

Mr. MIYAZAKI Kazuma was promoted from first to second Dan.


藤永龍太郎氏 弐段から参段へ トリム.jpg

Mr. FUJINAGA Ryutaro was promoted from second to third Dan.



Panoramic view of the venue 



Men's division 


畳の消毒 11時.JPG

Disinfection of tatami mats


少年の部 優勝.JPG

Awards ceremony of Boy's & Girls' division

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