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Class resumption policy at Kodokan

Following the nationwide lifting of the state of emergency, Kodokan reopened classes on June 1, but only partially, with hygiene rules taken into consideration.


Our first priority is to put all preventive measures in place to secure health and safety of students, instructors, and staff members, and we consider this month of June as the preparatory period to turn classes back to normal. The process may cause a lot of inconveniences to you, but your understanding and cooperation would be appreciated.

Because the situation is changing, we may take different policies. Any change will be announced on our website.


1. Practice policy

As part of measures to prevent Covid-19 infection, solo training is adopted instead of training in pairs to avoid 3Cs (closed spaces, crowded places, close-contact settings) with a security distance kept between each other.


2. Students allowed to participate in classes and requirements

・Enrolled students of beginners', women's, and children's classes.

・Those who agree with our policy and requirements for practice (In the case of minors, consent by parent is necessary.)

・Those who do not have a fever of 37℃ or higher, or any respiratory disorders such as cough and phlegm (symptoms included in the Health Checkup Card).

  *Health Checkup Card


3. Tuition for June

Tuition is not charged in June.


4. Class timetable and dojos



5. Sanitary requirements from the lobby to the dojos

Before registering at the reception desk on the 4th floor, students fill in the Health Checkup Card.

Take body temperature on the 4th floor with a non-contact thermometer. If a high fever is detected, take it again with an underarm thermometer.

Students wash their hands, gargle, disinfect their hands at the reception desk and dojo entrance.


6. Practice

Sanitary requirements in the dojos

・The number of students is limited.

・Keep the security distance of 2 meters between each student

・Students wear sports clothes, not judogi.

・Mask-wearing is compulsory.

・Windows and doors of dojos and changing rooms are kept open to ensure good ventilation.

・Cool water dispensers are not available.

・Students change clothes in the designated place and carry your luggage to the designated dojo. (Do not use lockers in the changing rooms.)


7. Other remarks

・Parents are allowed to watch classes from the 8th floor while respecting a safe distance.

・The entrance to the reception and changing rooms are kept open. Partitions are set up if necessary.

・Thorough disinfection in the building (dojos, changing rooms, door knobs, elevators) is carried out.

・Students may use the disposal paper placed in the toilets.

・No baths or showers are available.

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