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Lecture organized by the Association for Scientific Studies on Judo, Kodokan

[Postponement of Lecture by Association for the Scientific Studies on Judo, Kodokan]

In response to the government request to cancel, postpone, or downsize sports or cultural events nationwide for the next two weeks in view of large-scale transmission risks, Kodokan has decided to postpone the research meeting.

A new date will be announced when it is fixed.


The Association for Scientific Studies on Judo, Kodokan is conducting a research meeting (lecture) twice a year. We want to invite you and your friends to attend the first lecture of the year.


Date and Time: Saturday, March 14th, 2020

           14.00 to 15.30 (Registration from 13.30)

Venue: Kodokan new building 2F Classroom

Participants: Open to anyone interested in Japanese Martial Arts and Judo

Topic: History and Development of Japanese Martial Arts: From Jujutsu to Judo

Content: This lecture will discuss the specific aspects of traditional Jujutsu Kano Jigoro tried to preserve

       in judo and how these aspects were incorporated into his judo education. We will also examine

       how the ideal form of judo should look like.


Lecturer: Tamio Nakamura, specially appointed Professor,

       Fukushima University, Faculty of Human Development and Culture.

Interpreter: Maja Sori Doval, Lecturer,

        Tsuda University, Department of International and Cultural Studies.

Languages: Japanese and English

Maximum Number of Participants: 100

Admission fee: Free of charge.

Registration: Application via e-mail including name and number of participants to Shusaku Kiryu.     



Profile Lecturer:


Born in 1950, Professor Nakamura studied Physical Education at the Tokyo University of Education. After graduating in 1973 he also completed the Master Course at the University's Graduate School of Physical Education in 1976.

Tamio Nakamura has been a Professor at the Faculty of Human Development and Culture at Fukushima University and has also served as the University's Vice President. Currently he continues teaching as a specially appointed Professor at Fukushima University. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Japanese Academy of Budo. Professor Nakamura has authored various publications on Japanese martial arts history.


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