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2020 Kodokan Kagami Biraki Ceremony

Kodokan Kagami Biraki Ceremony was held on Sunday, January 12. Kagami Biraki is the practice of eating Mochi offered to the deities during the New Year.



Mr. KITA Tetsuro, 8th Dan, delivers a congratulatory speech on behalf of all Kodokan members.



Her Imperial Highness Princess Tomohito of Mikasa and Kodokan President Haruki Uemura


Following a speech by a Kodokan representative and greeting words from President Uemura, seven kinds of kata were performed. Then, national team athletes practiced randori with Kodokan students who learn in the Children's Class, Women's Class, and Adults' Class.


投の形 肩車.JPG


固の形 袈裟固.JPG


極の形 振下.JPG 


柔の形 斜打.JPG


護身術 .JPG




古式 しころどり.JPG


乱取 井上康生男子監督.JPG


After that, Dan diplomas were awarded to promoted members. At the end, Shiruko (red bean soup with rice cake) was served to guests, and the ceremony successfully ended.



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