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Events to Celebrate Kano Shihan's Birthday Ended



To mark Kano Shihan's birthday, many events were held from October 25 to 28.

Some photos taken in the events are shown below.


【Parent & Child Judo Lesson】





Judo lesson for parents and children was held on October 26. Many children enjoyed judo with their parents.


[Bus tour to places related to Kano Shihan]

バス1.JPG  バス2.JPG

In the bus             Eishoji temple, the birthplace of Kodokan


バス3.JPG  バス4.JPG

Yahashira cemetery         Tree planting in Abiko city


【Writing Shihan's Words in Calligraphy】




This event allows visitors to experience calligraphy like last year.


【Special exhibits of Museum】





Those who participated in the events, a booklet, "Words of Kano Jigoro Shihan" and Kano Shihan postcard were given away.


冊子の写真.jpg  IMG_3987.jpg


Kodokan cooperates with the Bunkyo Ward for an event "Toward Tokyo 2020 in Bunkyo." As part of it, the Bunkyo Ward created a Kano Shihan ballpoint pen and a mini toto bag. They were given away to participants in the Stamp Rally jointly held with the Ward.


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