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[Anniversary of Kano Shihan's Birth] Stamp Rally

On the occasion of the anniversary of Kano Jigoro Shina's birthday, Kodokan participates in the event called, "Toward the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Bunkyo" in cooperation with Bunkyo Ward Office.


During the event, a stamp rally will be held for participants to take a tour of Bunkyo Civic Center and Kodokan. After visiting the two places and collecting stamps, they will be given a three-color ballpoint pen with Kano Shina's words on it. The rally will continue until the giveaway runs out of stock.

Come and join us!




When and where you will find stamps


When: October 25 - 28, 10am - 5pm

Where: Judo Museum on the second floor of International Judo Center

Gift will be given until the stock runs out.

[Bunkyo Civic Center]

When and where:

October 25, 10am - 5pm: Sports Promotion Section on the 17th floor of Civic Center

October 26 - 28, 10am - 5pm: Kumin Hiroba (Public square) in the second basement of Civic Center

Gift will be given:

October 25 and 28, 10am - 5pm: The 17th floor of Civic Center

October 27, 10am - 5pm: Receptionist in Small Hall of Civic Center

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