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2019 Kodokan Autumn Kohaku-shiai

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Kodokan Autumn Kohaku-shiai (contest between the Red & White), one of the annual events at kodokan, was held on October 13.


To consider possible influence by Typhoon Hagibis, the starting time was set two hours later than usual. Taking the number of contestants into account, the contest in the Women's division was changed to the system where players compete over the number of wins. In Men's division and Boys & Girls' division, they played matches until they lost or ended in a draw.

The Red team won in Men's division and Boys & Girls' division.


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Men's division



Women's division


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Boys & Girls' division


There is a unique system called "Batsugun-shodan (instant promotion)" In Kodokan Kohaku-shiai to allow contestants, who win a predetermined number of times by Ippon, to get a higher Dan grade on that day. Ms. CHIBA Hitomi was promoted from second to third dan.


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Ms. CHIBA Hitomi achieved instant promotion from second to third Dan.

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