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2019 Kodokan Spring Kohaku-shiai

A traditional event, Kodokan Spring Kohaku-shiai (Contest between Red & White), was held on a large scale at Kodokan on June 2, 2019.


About 500 people signed up for the contest. There were three divisions: Men's, Women's, and Boys & Girls'. In each division, winners played matches until they lost or their matches ended in a draw.


The Red team won in the Men's division and the Boys' and Girls' division, while the White team won in the Women's division.

There is a unique system called "Batsugun-shodan (instant promotion)" in Kodokan Kohaku-shiai. Using the system, participants who win a predefined number of times by Ippon can get a higher Dan grade on that day. This time, five participants were awarded Batsugun-shodan.


影浦 力 05.JPG

Mr. Chikara KAGEURA (Tokai University) was promoted from 2nd to 3rd Dan.


辻 湧斗 02.JPG

Mr. Yuto TSUJI (Tokai University) was promoted from 2nd to 3rd Dan.


原 伸之介 03.JPG

Mr. Shinnosuke HARA (Tokai University) was promoted from 2nd to 3rd Dan.


池田紗也 08.JPG

Ms. Saya IKEDA (Kokushikan University) was promoted from 1st to 2nd Dan.


佐藤みずほ 02.JPG

Ms. Mizuho SATO (Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance) was promoted from 2nd to 3rd Dan.



Men's division



Women's division



Boys' and Girls' division



President Haruki Uemura awarded a championship flag to the Red team, the winner in the Men's division.

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