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Report from an instructor dispatched to Brunei for Japan-ASEAN JITA-KYOEI PROJECT in 2018

I am teaching Judo in Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei, to promote international exchange through Judo from August 20 until October 20 following the first visit for 10 days in late June.

Until last year, Brunei was the only country that had no judo federation in 10 countries of ASEAN. After the survey conducted by the Kodokan last year in May, there was a tendency to launch a federation in the country, and this led to the establishment of Brunei Judo Federation in March this year.

The federation requested the Kodokan to dispatch an instructor who will teach there for a long period of time. For preparation to respond to the request, the Kodokan and Japan Foundation Asia Center organized this visit as a part of "Japan-ASEAN JITA-KYOEI PROJECT". The purpose of the program is to develop human resources through the process of soundly popularizing and promoting Judo as well as to develop an understanding of Japanese culture through mutual exchanges.


I report the activities up to this point with photos.



I made a courtesy visit to Japanese Embassy in Brunei and presented a judo-gi with the logo mark of Japan-ASEAN JITA-KYOEI PROJECT to Ambassador Motohiko Kato.



During a dinner meeting with Ambassador Kato and the members of the Judo Federation, we had a fruitful exchange of view regarding the future goal of Judo in Brunei.


taishikeikop1.jpg  taishikeiko2.jpg


taishikeiko3.jpg  taishikeiko4.jpg

Ambassador Kato participated in a training class on October 8 and worked up a sweat. We have got a lot of assistance from him to develop Judo in Brunei.


稽古風景 (1).jpg  稽古風景 (2).jpg

These are scenes of regular training. Although Brunei Judo Federation was launched, this is the only club that exists in Brunei. I regard this club as the main place to teach judo to students especially basic movements.


形 (1).jpg  形 (2).jpg

Practice of Kata is very effective to explain the principle of how to throw the opponent. I have heard many students mentioned, "I came to understand the method of Kuzushi and the timing to throw the opponent through practicing Kata. We should practice Kata in regular training." As an instructor, I was delighted hearing such good feedback.


形 (3).jpg  形 (4).jpg

Ju-no-Kata can be practiced anywhere without Judo-gi. In the photo on the right, they are practicing at a connecting corridor in a school.


高校生 (1).jpg  高校生 (2).jpg

Judo has been introduced into the PE classes in some public high schools.


インターナショナルスクール 柔道体験 (1).jpg  インターナショナルスクール 柔道体験 (2).jpg


インターナショナルスクール 柔道体験 (3).jpg  インターナショナルスクール 柔道体験 (5).jpg

At an international school, I gave a lecture on martial arts and Judo to beginners that was followed by practical training of Nage-waza and Ukemi, and they also learned some movements available for self-defense. Some techniques of Kodokan Goshin-jutsu (Kata) were effective to arouse beginner's interest, and then some students said that they wanted to take part in regular training. This was also an opportunity to deepen their interest in Japan and its culture through the experience of Japanese manners during practice of Reiho which is a courtesy manner.






I was interviewed by a local newspaper, and it appeared in a sports page on October 1.


Future plans


Brunei Judo Federation has been allowed to use a part of sports facility under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport of Brunei Darussalam as its own dojo. There is a movement to strengthen Brunei national team for SEA Games that will be held in Manila in November next year, so the national team can use the dojo for training. The Federation will positively adopt the training method of Kodokan and the system of grading in Dan and Kyu.

Some students of the existing judo club are going to establish new clubs in universities and outlying regions. The increase of the number of judo club is good news that leads directly to the increase of people who practice judo. On the other hand, the federation needs to encourage them to be able to provide correct safety guidance and the instruction of basic movements.




It is not clear yet whether my long-term dispatch to Brunei will be realized. In this regard, I will continue to teach the basics in the last several days of this two-month dispatch. I also give a few coaches and students who may become coach in the future advice on the method of teaching. Most Bruneian students are slender build and not physically strong, however, their earnest character will lead them to the improvement in the future.

Lastly, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the support of Japan Foundation Asia Center and the Kodokan to realize this short-term dispatch.

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