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Kodokan Instructors' Meeting was held

On Saturday, March 31, Kodokan Instructors' Meeting in 2018 was held at the main dojo of the Kodokan.

The meeting is held once a year for the purpose of promoting instructors' self-awareness as Kodokan instructors and enhancing their qualifications, as well as promoting their mutual exchanges and to have a common view on the contribution to trainees.

About 70 instructors participated in it this year. To have a common view, we confirmed the principle of guidance and teaching content, and then conducted a seminar of technique at the main dojo. In addition, we provided instruction on emergency action such as Kappo, heart massage and the evacuation route.



Speech by Mr. Haruki Uemura, Kodokan President



Technique seminar by Mr. Motonari Sameshima, the Director of Education & Instruction Department



Mr. Sanshiro Yamamoto, Manager of Grading Department explained about the number of new members and promoted members.



Participants are practicing heart massage with a tennis ball.



Participants of the meeting including President and Mr. Saburo Matsushita, 9th Dan

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