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2017 Kodokan Spring Kohaku-shiai was held



A traditional event, Kodokan Spring Kohaku-shiai (Contest between Red & White) was held on a large scale at the Kodokan on Sunday, June 4th, 2017.


538 people signed up for the contest. There were three divisions: Men's, Women's and Boys & Girls'. Matches of each division were held one by one, and winners played matches until they lost or their matches ended in a draw.

White teams won Men's and Women's division. Red team won Boys and Girls' division.


There is a unique system called "Batsugun-shodan (instant promotion by preeminence)" in Kodokan Kohaku-shiai. Using the system, participants who win predefined number of times by Ippon can get a higher Dan grade on the same day. This time, there was no application of the system.



Men's division



Women's division



Boys and Girls' division



President Haruki Uemura awarded a championship flag to White team.



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