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Demonstration and Opinion Exchange Meeting of Special Needs Judo

Mr. Cees Rust who is researching about Judo for persons with disabilities visited the Kodokan from the Netherlands with three cooperators. On Thursday, April 20 at the main dojo, they demonstrated some Kata that was tailored by them in front of related Japanese persons, and it was followed by an opinion exchange meeting.


Mr. Cees Rust, now 41 years old, started Judo when he was 13 years old. He injured his cervical spine in a traffic accident when he was 24 years old, and it left him paralyzed from the waist down. Nevertheless, he has continued Judo and now has a 3rd Dan of the Netherlands and also the qualification of Judo trainee, and is instructing children.

Judo for visually-impaired persons is popular in the world, and Judo events for them are held in Paralympic Games. Mr. Cees Rust and cooperators are researching and promoting Judo for persons with a disability of every kind including Down syndrome and physical disability, and they named it "Special Needs Judo".



From the left, Mr. Johan Slof (4th Dan of the Netherlands), Ms. Janienke Roelfsema (1st Dan of the Netherlands), Mr. Herman de Jong (3rd Dan of the Netherlands), Mr. Cees Rust (3rd Dan of the Netherlands), President Uemura, Mr. Tetsuya Kimura (Director-General, Japan Sports Agency), Mr. Hirofumi Kadowaki (President, Daito Bunka University) and Mr. Saburo Matsushita (Member of Board of Directors)


Mr. Rust and Mr. de Jong demonstrated Nage-no-kata that was tailored for persons with a disability, in the World Kata Championships that was held in the Netherlands in 2015.

This time, officials of the following organizations attended the event of demonstration and opinion exchange meeting.

-Japan Sports Agency

-Daito Bunka University

-Sport for Tomorrow Consortium


-All Japan Judo Federation


Also, Judo instructors who teach persons with a disability participated in this event.



Kata Demonstrations

Nage-no-Kata (Tori: Mr. Rust; Uke: Mr. de Jong)

投の形「送足払」(おくりあしはらい)-thumb-250xauto-3648.jpg  投の形「内股」(うちまた)-thumb-250xauto-3650.jpg

Tori used a hand for Harai in place of a leg to express the Riai of the technique.


Katame-no-Kata (Tori: Ms. Roelfsema; UKE: Mr. Rust) Kime-no-Kata (Tori: Mr. Rust; Uke: Mr. Slof)

DSC_0209-thumb-250xauto-3652.jpg  極の形 立合「切下」(きりおろし)-thumb-250xauto-3654.jpg 



Mr. Rust is demonstrating Ukemi in response to a technique performed by Mr. de Jong



Opinion Exchange Meeting



Group Photo


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