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Bozen-sai at Kano Shihan's grave was held

Bozen-sai, which means visiting the grave of Kano Shihan who is the founder of the Kodokan, was held on Tuesday, May 2nd.


The grave is located in Yahashira-reien cemetery, in Matsudo City in Chiba Prefecture and is characterized by a rare type of Shinto-style gravestone.

We conduct Bozen-sai at this time every year to commemorate the anniversary of Kano Shihan's death that was on May 4th, 1938.



Honorary President Yukimitsu Kano and President Haruki Uemura are offering branches of the sacred tree



All participants of Bozen-sai



Yahashira-reien in tender green


Click here to see the directions to Yahashira-reien

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