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The first delegation to Central Asiatic countries sponsored by Japan Foundation was dispatched

As a part of Arts and Cultural Exchange project of the Japan Foundation, four Judo experts were dispatched to three countries of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kirgiz Republic).


The experts were recommended by the Kodokan responding to a request for a personnel selection from the Japan Foundation. They gave Judo demonstrations and conducted training sessions while visiting the countries.



President Uemura encouraged members before departure



From the left, Mr. Makishi (7th Dan), Mr. Uchimura (6th Dan), Mr. Yamazaki (7th Dan) and Mr. Ebinuma (5th Dan)



A preparation meeting was held at the Kodokan to discuss about demonstrations and Kata.


They firstly visited Almaty, Kazakhstan, and conducted a training session.




14795862_1125542177523986_779471061_o.jpg  14795671_1125542154190655_1022667642_o.jpg 




一人打ち込み.jpg  14800268_1126891657389038_731031000_o.jpg


After completing the session in Kazakhstan, they traveled to the second destination, Dushanbe, Tajikistan.


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3.jpg  4.jpg

They gave a Judo demonstration for an audience of about three hundred at a gymnasium in Tajikistan.




In Tajikistan, they gave demonstrations, provided technical instructions to players and taught Judo to disabled people. Also they were interviewed by state television.


After completing lessons in Tajikistan, they traveled to the last destination, Kirgiz Republic.






14876212_1131355683609302_552853459_o.jpg  14795881_1131359603608910_1235375972_o.jpg


14813391_1131356390275898_1553989164_o.jpg  14796233_1131361126942091_188413210_o.jpg


In Kirgiz Republic, a Judo lesson was held in a training institution for Olympics, and also a coaching seminar was held.



Period: October 18th-28th, 2016

Destination: Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kirgiz Republic

Member: Leader, Mr. Masayoshi Yamazaki, 7th Dan (Kanagawa Prefectural Police)

Mr. Yoshiharu Makishi, 7th Dan (Kodokan)

Mr. Naoya Uchimura, 6th Dan (Osaka Sangyo University)

Mr. Satoru Ebinuma, 5th Dan (Park 24 Co.,Ltd.)


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