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【Birth Anniversary】 Trying Calligraphy (Kano Shihan's words)

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Trying Calligraphy, an event in which participants write Kano Shihan's words with a brush emulating Kano Shihan's calligraphy as a model is held three days from October 27th to 29th during Birth Anniversary.


All tools for calligraphy are available for free as well as the commemoration stamp and English explanatory materials. This event will be enjoyable for people of all generations. In addition, Honorary President Yukimitsu Kano will participate in the event sometime during the period. We welcome all people regardless of their experiences in Judo or calligraphy.

Why not come and experience?


Date and time




Intended participants


Advance application

Things to bring





:Thursday, October 27th, 15:00-17:30

Friday, October 28th, 15:00-17:30

Saturday, October 29th, 14:00-17:30

: Teaching room, 2F, Kodokan International Judo Center

: Anybody (from children to adults)

: Free (Please write your name at the reception)

: No need

: Handkerchief/towel

*Please wear casual clothes. They might be spotted.

*Tools for calligraphy (brush, ink stone, paper etc.) are freely available at the venue.

: In case that the venue is crowded, a time limit may be set.


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