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News from Brazil: Kodokan Judo took root in Brazil

On Wednesday, July 6, books "Learn from Judo" were donated to the Kodokan by Mr. Shuhei OKANO (Kodokan 8th Dan) who is the honorary president of the Brazil Kodokan Judo Yudansha-kai.




This book is a Japanese translation of "Aprendiz de Samurai (Training of Samurai)" that is an autobiography of Mr. Maxmiano TROMBINI, a Brazilian Judoka. This is a story about a boy who had grown up in a poor family and behaved badly and then came across Judo that helped him to create his life. It was made into a hit movie named "Grande Vitória (Great Victory)" in 2014.


When Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo ABE made an official visit to Brazil in August 2014, Mr. TROMBINI, the original author, presented him a DVD of "Grande Vitória".



-In the back row, from the right, Mr. Caio CASTRO (star of the movie), Mr. Maxmiano TROMBINI (original author), Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo ABE, Mr. Uichiro UMAKAKEBA (Kodokan 7th Dan) and Mr. Paulo WANDERLEY (President of Confederaco Brasileira de Judo)

-In the front row, Mr. Shuhei OKANO (8th Dan)

(From Nikkey Shimbun)



According to Mr. OKANO, he received a visit of the following three people, Mr. TROMBINI, his teacher Mr. UMAKAKEBA and Mr. CASTRO. They earnestly told him that they wanted to translate the book into Japanese in time for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic and Paralympic Games to be read by Japanese young people who practice Judo.


Mr. OKANO read the book and was impressed by Brazilian people's right understanding and description in Judo. He wanted to inform Japanese people of the fact that Judo took root deeply in Brazil, therefore he willingly consented to cooperate with them to publish a Japanese translation.


In addition to the donation to the Kodokan, Mr. OKANO donated this book to the Nippon Junior High School Physical Culture Association and the All Japan High School Athletic Federation, hoping that Japanese young people read "Learn from Judo"


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