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【Kodokan Special Lesson】Croatian Judo Federation

Special lessons for a team from the Croatian Judo Federation were held at the Kodokan during their stay for 9 days from June 27th.




All 17 members (3 coaches and 14 competitors) took practical lessons in Nage-waza and Katame-waza from Kodokan instructors, and also attended a lecture on Judo history.

The team stayed at Kodokan Hostel until July 5th, also participating in regular classes.


DSC_0517.JPG  DSC_0411.JPG


DSC_0508.JPG  DSC_0536.JPG




As shown above, Kodokan is conducting special lessons for teams from foreign countries.

Please contact the International Department to make inquiries.

Kodokan International Department

Email: intl@kodokan.org

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