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【Kodokan Special Lesson】Croatian Judo Federation (Postscript)

Special lessons for the Croatian team were held at the Kodokan until Tuesday, July 5th.


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In addition to the special lessons, Croatian team positively took part in the joint training with corporate teams and also studied in Kata class.

During their stay, Croatian Ambassador to Japan visited the Kodokan to encourage them.


Before leaving for home, Mr.Slaviša Bradić, team leader, left a comment as follows:

"Croatian students gained valuable experiences through this visit to the Kodokan. Next year, I would like to participate in Kodokan Youth Judo Education Camp together with students."



In front of the Kano Shihan's statue at the entrance of Kodokan main building;

Mr. Drazen Hrastic, Croatian Ambassador to Japan, the fifth from the left

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