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Waza Course and Women's Course have begun

On Friday 24 July, Summer Course II (Waza) and Women's Course have begun.




Waza Course is intended for trainees of the third Dan and below.

Participants divide into three groups in accordance with ability.

The purpose of the course is to establish the basics of Judo practice through the instructions of Nage-waza and Katame-waza, lectures, Randori, competitions and others.


The purpose of Women's Course is to enhance participants' knowledge and Judo skills.

Two courses are conducted. This is the second year of B Course that is intended for beginners.


Opening Ceremony


DSC02671.JPG  DSC_02751.jpg



Nearly 340 participants gathered at the opening ceremony






Summer Course II (Waza)


DSC_0375.JPG  DSC02747.JPG


DSC02889.JPG  DSC02877.JPG


Women's Course


DSC_0383.JPG  DSC02809.JPG


DSC02798.JPG  DSC02782.JPG

Instruction by Mr. Yoshimi OSAWA, 10th Dan


DSC02828.JPG  DSC02766.JPG


Waza Course will be held until Tuesday 28 July, and Women's Course will be held until Monday 27 July.

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