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Start from observing

Start from observing

You might worry that Judo seems to be painful or that instructors are too strict. We recommend you to come and observe our training classes first. You will feel the vigorous atmosphere of the training.

A number of trainees from various countries practice at the Kodokan every day. Anybody can use spectator seating to observe the training that is held at main dojo. Please feel free to stop by.

Training time schedule: Monday-Saturday 4 PM-8 PM
Spectator seating: On the 8th floor of the Kodokan International Judo Center
Please take an elevator to go up to the 8th floor.

If you have a question, please ask the International Department on the first floor of the main building.
International Department:
Monday-Friday, 9:30-12:00 and 13:00-17:30
Saturday 13:00-17:30
TEL 03-3818-4172