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Things to be prepared

Things to be prepared

Judo-gi consists of a jacket, trousers and a belt. Make sure you select the right size. It can be purchased at a shop of Kodokan, as well as sporting-goods stores and martial arts stores.

You may be able to find a dojo in your neighborhood and to ask them for details.
Sometimes a police station or a public sports center runs a judo course.
If you would like to practice at Kodokan, click here.

Never-give-up mind and being considerate of others


If you start Judo practice, it is important to have a strong mind and never give up. Through practice with instructors and peers, you will be able to gain a sense of achievement. If you continue practicing and not being a quitter, the experience will increase your self-confidence and will make your soul grow further.

Also, Judo is a martial art that opponents grip each other. You cannot do practice if there is no opponent.
Let's appreciate that you have peer members to practice with and that you are able to grow up with them. Have consideration for them.

Through Judo practice, let's cultivate a spirit of autonomy and a compassionate mind.